Terms and conditions

Communication & Contract Approval

Phone communication is acceptable for general discussions, the confirmation of advertising space purchases must be made through email. Contract agreements made via email with deposit will be considered final. Production proofs of the advertising design will be provided to the client for final approval before production and installation of the advertising.

Installation & Production

KB Media will conduct advertising space graphics installations four times per calendar year: at the end of the following months February, May, August, and November. Any installations falling outside of our standard service dates will incur an additional fee. Please note that production and installation costs are additional to the advertising space fee. The client acknowledges that limitations may be applicable depending on the advertising space type and the time of year when the graphics are installed. 

Fees & Taxes 

The client commits to covering any extra charges that may exceed the advertising space fee, including permit management fees, graphic alteration fees, surplus design fees, translation charges, copywriting expenses, and taxes. A written estimate will be furnished in such cases.

Graphic Design Fees

Clients are required to supply vectorized logos for their corporate branding. Should KB Media need to retrace and reconstruct a client’s corporate branding, extra fees will apply. Please note that the advertising space buy does not encompass graphic design services. If graphic design is needed, an estimate will be provided for client approval, and any associated fees will be communicated in advance. Clients have the option to provide their artwork in PDF format, adhering to the specifications provided by KB Media.

Graphic Design Standards

KB Media reserves the right to approve graphics and message content to be displayed on the advertising space. KB Media has the right to refuse to display or allow the display of content that it deems may be offensive to any members of the community, harmful to its own image, or that in any way violates the provisions of any government laws, bylaws or legislations and sector specific categories. KB Media is not responsible for content changes made by outside parties after the graphics have been installed.

Copywriting, Proofreading, and Translation Fees

KB Media offers professional copywriting, proofreading, and translation services to assist the client in creating a unique design. These fees will be communicated in advance to the client. 


A full non-refundable payment is due immediately to secure the advertising space, covering material production, installation, and any relevant graphic design fees. We accept credit card, cheque, e-transfer, and EFT as a form of payment. In the event an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payment is required, an application must be completed. Failure to comply will result in the advertising space becoming available again. In case of order cancellation, KB Media reserves the right to charge relevant fees, including print, installation, and design fees.

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