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Using cutting-edge Out of Home Advertising to paint the landscape of Eastern Ontario with the brands and stories of a remarkable list of advertisers.

kb outdoor our-products billboards


Billboards come in many shapes and in different sizes, and they are a strategic marketing tool in bringing brands to life in a high traffic marketplace.

If you need to make a big impact within and on your local area, let KB Media Outdoor position you for the most effective return on your investment


Mobile Signs

Blow out sales, special events, short-term announcements: KB Media Outdoor has a mobile sign that will fit your requirements.

Our mobile signs can be deployed quickly and cost-effectively, and they will create the impact you require for your message.

kb outdoor our products transit


Transit advertisements are an excellent medium to reach the general public. Transit signs are located inside and outside the city/county, municipal public transportation vehicles/stations and terminals. KB Media Outdoor provides several different venue possibilities, designed specifically for (tailored to) our clients’ marketing needs.

kb outdoor our products place based

Place based

Placebased media encompasses a wide variety of formats that are specially located where specific groups congregate for a variety of purposes. KB Media Outdoor is affiliated with municipal arenas, recreation centers and meeting halls to provide a wide variety of marketing venues to its clients.

kb outdoor our products event based

Event based

Event-based advertising, also called event marketing or event sponsorship, is an advertiser or a marketer taking part in a community event or activity including sports, concerts and cultural activities. KB Media Outdoor is involved with many community venues to promote brands or companies to the consumer and other interested parties, such as company employees, stakeholders and local municipal officials.

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